A Healthcare Employer Guide to Hiring People with Arrest and Conviction Records


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"Our need for workers in healthcare is almost insatiable. If we only look at the population that has a perfect education, the perfect physical abilities, the perfect background, we can't meet [demand]. It's a business rationale, it's not just philanthropic or just a mission."

Pamela Paulk, President, Johns Hopkins Medicine International; former Senior VP of Human Resources, Johns Hopkins Hospital & Health System

An Undiscovered Pool of Diverse and Valuable Talent

An often overlooked and underutilized pool of talented individuals is eager to become a part of your workforce and help you meet increased demand. 

Every year, nearly 700,000 people reenter society from incarceration; they are among the estimated 70 million adults in the U.S. who have an arrest or conviction record.

A disproportionate number of people with records are people of color, who have mostly been charged with non-violent crimes.

Employers who have taken part in programs to give these individuals a second chance have praised their enthusiasm, work ethic, and loyalty.

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