The ABC's of Independent Contractor Status

Work should provide people with stability and safety, and the opportunity to contribute and connect with one another.  

But some corporations are trying to remove that stability by imposing the label of “independent contractor” on their workers, shifting risk and cost from the CEOs at the top to the workers central to the success of their businesses. 

To ensure that workers are treated fairly and that businesses live up to their obligations, the "ABC test," a common standard in employment laws, is the simplest way to determine who is a true independent contractor and who is an employee.

Watch this video explainer
to learn how the ABC Test works >>


In 2019, California passed Assembly Bill 5, which implemented the ABC test to extend worker protections to many people who previously could not access them.  

California’s new law is a landmark milestone for underpaid workers, honest businesses, and the public.

However, some ultrapowerful app companies are so desperate to escape the law's reach that they have introduced a ballot initiative to exempt their workers from the new law's protections.  

Their proposal will restrict app-based workers' rightful access to their rights and protections under our labor laws. 

VOTE NO on Proposition 22, so that all employers, whether directing their workers on app or not, respect the obligations due to the workers who build their business.

Read this report to learn more about the app companies' proposal.



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